Templates are ways to easy re-use messages and snippets to instantly send them as a reply in a conversation. Templates can use rich formatting with embedded images, buttons, and even surveys. Let’s look at how they work!

Creating a Template

From your dashboard, head to “Outbounds” > “Templates” where you can manage your list of templates.

You can create different survey types and track analytics on each type over time.

Composing a new template

Sending a Template Message

You can easily insert templates when respoding to customers. Click the bookmark icon in the compose box and you’ll be presented with your list of existing templates.

You can also send a survey when closing out a conversation to collect immediate feedback. Using a “template”, you can link a survey and any other message content to easily send from your Unthread dashboard, as seen below. Sending in a thread

Looking for automated responses generated from your documentation rather than manually created templates? You’re probably interested in AI-generated responses.