In order to keep your team information up-to-date, Unthread integrates with most major HRIS platforms to automatically sync employee profile data. Information is pulled into Unthread in real-time so you’re always seeing the correct data.

Supported HRIS Platforms

We integrate with the following platform and protocols today:

How Directory Sync Works

By provisioning a limited, read-only access to employee profile data, we can sync this into your Unthread team directory.

User Attributes

Attributes synced for each employee include:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Internal ID
  • Title
  • Department
  • Location
  • Manager
  • Start date
  • Custom attributes defined in your HRIS system


We can also sync in Groups (e.g. “IT Admins”) and keep membership details up to date.

Example Use-Cases

Assigning to a Manager

Unthread provides a powerful SLA system to assign owernship of new conversations.

With Directory Sync, you can use SLAs to assign or escalate a conversation to the requester’s manager for approval. Rather than hardcoding a user’s email, we will dynamically find the manager based on the conversation details.

Accessing User Information in Your Inbox

In the Unthread inbox, you can manage your open conversations and tickets. With Directory Sync, you can see user attributes alongside ticket details to help you better understand the profile of the requestor.

For example, if they are requesting a laptop replacement, you can use Directory Sync to access the user’s address, up-to-date with their Workday profile, to know exactly where to send it.

Getting Access

HRIS integration is in a private beta and requires an Enterprise plan to access. Please contact us to get access and connect to your system.