Sync On-call Schedules

If you’re using PagerDuty to manage on-call rotations, you can integrate them into Unthread to dynamically set default assignees of new conversations.

Approach 1: Use a Pre-built Zapier Template

Difficulty: Easy Technical skills: Low

If you haven’t already, enable the Unthread app in Zapier by following these steps to activate on your account.

In your Zapier dashboard, click ”+ Create Zap” to bring up the new Zap screen.

Step 1: Set the Trigger

The “Trigger” of the Zap should be a “Schedule”, which will automatically run periodically. You can choose to run every hour or every day depending on how often your on-call schedule changes.

Step 2: Find User on Call in PagerDuty

The second step should use the PagerDuty app in Zapier, and it should use the action called “Find User on Call in PagerDuty”.

Step 3: Update Slack User Group in Unthread

The third step should use the Unthread app with the action “Update Slack User Group Member”. Enter the following inputs:

  • Slack handle: the name of the user group (e.g. if you use @support-on-call, enter “support-on-call”).
  • Email address of user on call: this should be the email address of the user on-call found in the 2nd step from PagerDuty

Assign to Slack User Group

Now that you have the Slack User Group updated to reflect your latest on-call member in PagerDuty, be sure to set that group as the assignee in your assignment rules. Follow these steps to assign a user group in the assignment rules.