Connect your Hubspot account to keep information in sync between your CRM and your customer conversations. Unthread’s integration with Hubspot creates a two-way connection between the two systems.

How it works

The Hubspot integration currently has two main functions: syncing Account configuration to Unthread Customers and pushing tracked Slack conversations into Hubspot in the Account activity feed.

Account syncing

Once installation is complete, Accounts from Hubspot will begin syncing to Unthread. The Account name and support rep will be used for the Unthread customer name and primary support rep. The primary support rep will also be able to act as a Customer admin.

Conversation tracking

New Slack conversations tracked by Unthread will be pushed to the linked Hubspot Account as a logged “call” visible from the Account page. Once the conversation is closed out, a summary of the conversation will be posted back to Hubspot.


  1. Visit the “Settings” -> “Apps & Integrations” -> “CRM” page in your Unthread dashboard.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click “Configure” under the Hubspot section.
  3. This will trigger a popup asking for some configuration:
  • Slack Channel ID Field - If you have a custom field for Slack Channel ID configured on the Account level in Hubspot, enter the name of the custom field here. This will be something like Slack_Channel_id__c. If this field is set, Hubspot accounts will be automatically matched to Unthread Customers based on matching Slack channel IDs.
  • Sync Primary Support Rep? - If this is enabled, the primary support rep for each Unthread Customer will be pulled from the Hubspot company profile.
  • What field in Hubspot maps to Primary Support rep? - If syncing primary support rep, this will be the field on the company profile where the primary support rep is stored. By default, we’ll use hubspot_owner_id as the primary rep for that account.
  1. You will see a popup asking you if you would like to authorize Unthread to access the Hubspot API. Confirm this.

Current Limitations:

  • Changes to Hubspot Accounts can take up to an hour to reflect within Unthread.