What is Unthread AI?

Unthread AI uses the latest in GPT-based AI to scale up your team’s support capabilities.

Some features may have limited access, and you can contact us if you’d like to enable them for your account.

AI Features

AI-Generated Responses

Example of suggested responses

Unthread AI can recommend a response to a question based on your existing documentation. From there, it can:

  • Suggest the response privately to the support rep
  • Reply directly as a bot to the customer message

We’ve got an article dedicated to AI responses where you can learn more.

Automatic Tagging

Example of automated tagging

Tags are a great way to get deeper insights into the types of requests that your team is seeing. We commonly see tags like “Bug” or “Feature request” as well as more descriptive tags like “Backend service workers”. In your analytics tab, you can get a series of reports broken down by types of tags.

Once you’ve created your tags, you can have Unthread AI automatically apply tags to conversations based on message content. Some things to note:

  • First, enable the auto-tagging feature in your dashboard
  • AI tags will only be applied when the conversation is created
  • You can manually adjust tags at any time to override

Some best practices:

  • Use descriptive tag names
  • Add descriptions to tags to help the AI better understand what the tag is about
  • Check your “Analytics” tab to see how tags are trending

Generate Titles

Conversations appear in your inbox based on the title. Titles by default are generated by the content of the customer message, but AI-generated titles can create a short, descriptive title based on the message content.

Example input:

Hi team! Do you have documentation on what is required on from our web developer in order to embed your live chat support widget into our website to start fielding requests there? I checked the documentation but didn’t see anything.

AI-generated title:

Customer needs documentation to embed the live chat widget

Summarize Conversations

Conversation summaries are posted into the triage channel after a conversation is closed. These summaries are typically 2 to 3 sentences describing the customer and support rep messages and will note the resolution of the thread.

Surface Similar Conversations

Similar conversations will be available in the right panel of the conversation details page.

You will be able to see the previous conversation’s question & resolution, and can easily click in to view the full thread.

Example of similar conversations

Sentiment Analysis

Understand your customers with a numerical store measuring the positivity of their tone when speaking with support reps.

How do I get access?

Head over to the “Settings” > “AI” tab from your Unthread dashboard. From there, you’ll be able to enable AI features instantly.