What is Triaging?

Triaging is how you take conversations from customer channels and cross-post them to an internal channel.

Think of a triaged message as a private thread about a customer issue that’s automatically created for each issue.

Triage Channel

We recommend setting a global triage channel where customer issues are cross-posted by default. This can serve as an easy daily summary of issues being handled.

The triaged message will automatically update to show:

  • Status of the customer conversation
  • Current assignee
  • Note & tags
  • Any linked tasks
  • A deep link to navigate to the customer-facing thread

Per-Customer Triage Channels

Typically larger accounts may have a dedicated internal channel for each of their customer channels.


  • ext-dundermifflin-sabre (shared channel)
  • ext-dundermifflin-sabre-internal (private channel)

In this case, you can connect the customer-specific triage channel to the shared customer channel. This means new conversations in ext-dundermifflin-sabre will automatically be posted also to ext-dundermifflin-sabre-internal.

To do this, go to a Cutomer settings page, and click “Override triage channel.”

Manually Triaging

If you’d like to manually cross-post a conversation to a different channel, you can select the “Triage” option from the manage conversation modal.

After confirming, the contents of the the thread will be cross-posted to the given channel and any user tagged will be notified.

Setting up Triage Settings

To set up a default Triage channel, head over to “Settings” > General, and you’ll see a dropdown at the top.

You can also set a custom Triage channel per customer by clicking on a customer profile and navigating to the “Settings” tab on the left.