With Unthread, you can broadcast a Slack message across all or a subset of customer channels at once.

You can draft messages, store templates, broadcast messages, and get analytics on engagement.

Broadcasts are great for:

  • Product updates
  • Downtime announcements
  • Onboarding campaigns
  • Re-engagement messages
  • NPS & CSAT surveys

To compose your first message, navigate to the “Outbounds” tab in your Unthread dashboard, and click “Compose Slack message”.

Composing your Message

Unthread’s drag & drop message builder allows you craft your message and preview how this will look once sent on Slack. You’ll see elements like text blocks, images, and even surveys (more on that below). To reuse designs, you can even save and use templates.

You can also save a draft and collaborate with other team members before sending.

How to compose a Slack message

Search for stock photos and GIFs right from Unthread’s editor!

Choosing Recipients

Select your customer channels that you’d like to broadcast the message to. You can also send to a subset of customers by filtering for a particular customer tag or segment.

How to choose recipients


You can send NPS score and CSAT score surveys natively from within Slack. When you attach a survey, your customers can submit their response instantly from a pop-up modal.

How to compose a Slack message

Learn more about sending surveys in Slack

Send Now or Schedule for Later

When you’re ready to send, you’ll be able to customize the notification and confirm the send time. Send immediately, schedule for later, or send a test to yourself to be sure things look right!

Scheduling messages


After you’ve sent your message, you can see how customers engaged. If you include links in your message, you can see the total clicks for each link. If you include a survey, you can get a breakdown of customer responses, and a CSAT or NPS score will be generated automatically.

Viewing analytics

Additional Options

  • Unsend a sent message (automatically deletes Slack messages from all channels)
  • Safe as draft, and add notes for collaboration with team members
  • Duplicate existing message to reuse the style, recipients, and options