With Unthread, you can send surveys to customers in Slack channels to collect CSAT or NPS scores without customers ever leaving Slack.

Creating a Survey

From your dashboard, head to “Outbounds” > “Surveys” where you can manage your list of surveys.

You can create different survey types and track analytics on each type over time.

Composing a new survey

Name & Description

These are private fields only visible to you so you can organize and easily find your surveys


  • CSAT: a measure of your customer’s satisfaction with your services rated in a numerical scale
  • NPS: a measure of how likely your customers are to recommend your product or service to a friend or colleague


  • Inline buttons: this will put the options in a Slack message as individual, clickable buttons Inline survey example

  • Single button with pop-up modal: this will show a button that when clicked will present a modal for user to select options Popup survey example

Selection Options

  • Emojis: choices will be represented with emoji faces
  • Numerical: choices will be represented by numbers

Message After Submission

This text will be posted into Slack as an ephemeral message after submitting feedback.

Sending Survey

Broadcasting to Channels

You can send manually as part of a Slack Broadcast to any of your customer channels.

Sending in Thread

You can also send a survey when closing out a conversation to collect immediate feedback. Using a template, you can link a survey and any other message content to easily send from your Unthread dashboard, as seen below. Sending in a thread

Automatically Sending When Closing Conversations

You can send a CSAT or NPS score survey automatically, along with any other message by leveraging a template and enabling the “post-close message” setting. You can find this under the Settings > General page by scrolling to the “Conversation Settings” section. Note that this applies globally and will automatically send for any conversation that is closed out. Current limitation is that these will only be sent for Slack conversations, and not for email, Teams, or in-app chat conversations.


Each survey will collect its own set of analytics that be viewed on a per-message or aggregate basis. Click the “Analytics” button next to your survey to see the results.

CSAT scores are represented by a number 0 to 100, measuring their level of satisfaction.

NPS scores are represented by a number -100 to 100, indicating the likelihood that they’d recommend your product.


Understanding CSAT Results

CSAT measures customer satisfaction with your product or service.

  • Score range: 0 to 100
  • User ratings range between 1 to 5, with 1 indicating a 0% satisfaction rate, and 5 indicating a 100% satisfaction rate
Example: if you receive a 3/5 review (60%) and a 5/5 review (100%), your total CSAT score will be 80.

Understanding NPS Results

NPS measures the likelihood of a user to recommend your service to a friend or colleage.

  • Score range: -100 to 100
  • User ratings are a number between 0 and 10
  • Ratings between 0 and 6 are considered “detractors”, meaning they would discourage others from using your service
  • Ratings between 7 and 8 are considered “neutral”
  • Ratings between 9 and 10 are considered “promoters”, meaning that they would recommend your service to others
  • Final score is equal to the % of promoters minus the % of detractors
Example: if you receive a 6/10 (detractor), a 7/10 (neutral), and a 10/10 (promoter), your total NPS score will be 0.