Your Unthread web dashboard is a great place to manage your conversations across Slack, email, and in-app chat.

Conversation List or Kanban View

You choose between a Kanban or a List view for your conversations across all of your channels in one place. To access the web inbox, go to your dashboard at [company]!

Managing Conversations

Conversation Details Page on Web

When you view a conversation, you’ll see a history of the thread, details about the conversation, and information about the customer.

You can manage details of the conversation from here, or open up the connected Slack thread or triage thread.

Want to see a history of changes? Toggle the “Show activity log” button to see status changes, assignments, and other ticket changes inline with the thread

Responding to Customers

You can respond to customers through either Slack or the web. Messages sent from the web inbox will be posted into Slack with your name and photo.

Composing Your Reply

You can add custom-formatted text into the text box, and it will be sent back to the customer. From there, you can send it through the Slack channel, or alternatively use the “Send and Close” or “Send and Snooze” options.

When composing your reply, you can also insert:

  • Images
  • GIFs
  • Emojis
  • AI suggest responses with relevant helpdesk documents.
  • Snippets of pre-written text and message formats

Adding Internal Notes

If you’ve enabled triaging, you can also add private notes about a conversation into the respective triage channel. You can use the same formatting and special attachments in this message as you can with the customer reply.

Keyboard Shortcuts

To navigate more quickly through your inbox, you can use our set of keyboard shortcuts.

Shortcuts include:

  • Close conversation: ⌘ + Shift + 🅴
  • Add tags: Shift + 🆃
  • Change assignee: Shift + 🅰
  • Snooze: Shift + 🆉
  • Open thread in Slack: Shift + 🆂

Type ⌘ 🅺 to bring up the full list of available shortcuts.

Dark Mode

Out of respect for your retinas, we also support Dark Mode. In the bottom left of your dashboard, click the “☀️” icon to switch to dark mode.

Mobile & Desktop Apps

The Unthread web app is a Progressive Web App (PWA), which means it can be installed onto your phone or desktop.