Unthread’s Freshservice integration allows you to scale up your Slack-based support without replacing legacy Freshservice systems and processes.

Feature overview

  • Use Unthread to automatically create Freshservice tickets based on new Slack conversations (this means using either automated or manual tracking)
  • Sync statuses from the Unthread app to your Freshservice ticketing platform
  • Send replies from Freshservice and have them appear in your Slack channel or thread as yourself
  • Status changes in Freshservice will be reflected back in Unthread and in Slack (these can be shown in the customer-facing ticket view in Slack)
  • Analytics in Freshservice will be updated automatically
  • You can still leverage Unthread’s triage threads, assignment rules, and auto-responder


Setting up the integration requires taking action both within the Unthread and Zendesk UIs

Unthread UI:

  1. Visit the “Settings” -> “Service Accounts” page in your Unthread dashboard.
  2. Click “Add service account”, give your service account a name and click “Submit”.
  3. Copy the service account key that is shown and keep it somewhere safe. You will need it for a later step.

Freshservice UI:

  1. The Unthread app is currently in beta and is not yet available in the Freshservice marketplace. To install the app, you will need to create a “Custom App” in Freshservice.
  2. Visit the “Admin” -> “Apps” -> “Custom Apps” page in Freshservice. Click “Go to Developer Portal”.
  3. Sign into the developer portal and click “New App” -> “Custom App”. Upload the Unthread app zip file and name the app “Unthread”.
  4. Fill in any other required fields and click “Save and Publish”. The app will now be available to install within Freshservice.
  5. Go back to Visit the “Admin” -> “Apps” -> “Custom Apps” in Freshservice and click “Install” next to the Unthread app.
  6. You will be asked to provide the service account key that you copied from the Unthread UI earlier as well as your Unthread subdomain.

That’s it! Now, all new Unthread conversations will be sent to Freshservice. Replies sent from Freshservice will be posted into the Slack thread with the correct username and profile picture and replies posted from Slack will be posted back to the Freshservice ticket. Attachments are supported only when sending them from Freshservice.

Current Limitations:

  • Attachments cannot be sent from Slack to Freshservice.
  • After ticket creation, only the status currently syncs between Freshservice and Unthread. Other ticket properties like assignee, tags, and priority are not currently synced.