Give your customers the ability to track their open support requests right from a Slack channel.

How it Works

In-Channel Message

A message will be posted into the channel and will update to show the number of open conversations you have with that customer.

Request History Pop-up

The “View support requests” button will bring up a modal where the customer can view the open & closed conversations.

From here, you can click on a conversation to be deep-linked back into the thread where it was taking place.

Customers can also close out their own issues if they feel that it’s been resolved, which will close it out on your end as well.

Pinning Message to Channel

The Unthread app will automatically pin this message to the channel so it’s easy to navigate back to it from the top of the Slack channel view.

Troubleshooting tip: Not seeing the message pinned? Head to your Unthread dashboard, which is likely telling you to reconnect Slack to give us the correct app permissions to do so. You can also manually pin the message.

How to Enable

Note: when you enable the customer-facing view for the first time, a new message will be posted in the channel and automatically pinned.

Enable Per Customer

Head over to a customer’s profile from your Unthread dashboard. From the “Settings” tab, scroll down to the “Customer-facing view”.

By default, the global setting will be chosen. Use the dropdown to override and enable or disable specifically for this account, and click “Save”.

Enable for All Customers

You can globally enable or disable the message to appear in all of your customer Slack channels.

To change the default, head to “Settings” > “Slack” from your Unthread admin dashboard.

Customizing the Message

You can optionally customize the name and icon that appears in the message. Contact your support rep if your plan does not currently include this.