Unthread’s Slack bot is the easiest way to intake customer requests, generate AI responses, assign to team members, and manage tickets end-to-end.

As a customer, you will already see the Unthread Slack app in your workspace as a way to view your inbox and get notifications about conversations.

The Slack bot messaging tab is a great way to let customers easily create new support tickets for your team.

The benefits of using the Slack bot for ticket intake:

  • All conversations are by default private between the user and ticket assignees
  • Users no longer need to remember the various Slack channels for support – all requests can funnel through the bot
  • You can set up custom SLAs and auto-response settings for the bot vs. other support channels

Example of a DM request

Auto-Categorizing Requests

The Slack bot can automatically determine the type of request, either by using Tags, or using the more powerful Ticket Types.

Not only can Unthread AI determine the ticket type, but it can also fill in custom subfields of requests based on the message content.

Checking Ticket Status

Users can see a history of their requests and track statuses by using Unthread’s Customer Request Tracker, built natively into Slack channels as a pinned message.

Example of viewing tickets

Enabling the Slack Bot

Head over to the “Settings” > “Slack”, and look for the “Bot DM” section to enable. You can also select a default Customer that will be linked for all new tickets created from DMs.

White-Labeling the Bot

We also support launching your own Slackbot with your own brand and image. This is only available for custom enterprise plans, so please reach out to your Unthread representative to explore enabling this.